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  • R.S Rating: 5 - ‎3 reviews

    The time spent in ICU is very annoying and at slow pace. Who would better know this than me? When I needed hope and patience, I saw a gentle personality with a genuine smile on the face which soon passed on to mine too. The amount of help and hope I received from him is beyond thanks but I still want to thank him. That wonderful person Dr. Keyur Patel is Best Neurologist / Neurosurgeon in Ahmedabad. On this special occasion I take the opportunity to thank you and wish you a lot of success. Please keep spreading the love, hope and patience.

  • Prashant Rating: 5 - ‎3 reviews

    This is the best Neurology hospital in Ahmedabad, Thanks for neuro one staff and specially thanks For Dr.Keyur Patel for giving my father a new life. Thank you so much for Neuro one hospital!

  • Hardik Rating: 5 - ‎3 reviews

    Excellent facilities and team work by hospital team. I recommend this hospital for any kind of neurological disorders. Hospital service is like corporate hospital and very affordable in charges.

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